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Palmistry is a centuries-old tool for self-enquiry. Palmistry is based on the tenet that your hand is a map of your self - your potential, your strengths and your challenges. Your hand, like you, grows and changes in response to external events and experiences. In palmistry, the hand is viewed as a microcosm of the macrocosm of the self.


Each of your four fingers is associated with a planetary energy. Your index finger is your Jupiter finger. Your middle finger is your Saturn finger. Your ring finger is ruled by the Sun and your little finger is your Mercury finger.

Typical and average relationships between fingers

The tip of your index finger (Jupiter) touches the base of the nail on your middle finger (Saturn)

Your middle finger (Saturn) is about half a nail's worth longer than your ring finger (Sun)

Your ring finger (Sun) touches at least the bottom of the nail on your middle finger (Saturn)

Your little finger (Mercury) reaches the first joint (the joint separating the tip of your finger from the middle section) of your ring finger (Sun)


The lines in your palm are most likely to change throughout life, depending on the choices you do or don't make. The depth of the lines in your palm says most about the quality of the energy they symbolise. Deeper lines act as better channels, showing strength and vitality for the areas of life associated with each line - similar to the way deep creeks carry more water. There are three major lines on the palm: the head line, the heart line and the life line.

Your heart line represents your emotional life and shows the way you give and receive love

Your head line represents your mind and, usually, but not always, curves downward

Your life line represents energy, vitality and your influence out in the world.


The mounts on the palm consist of the mount of Venus - the mount at the base of the thumb - and the mount of the Moon - the mount below your Mercury finger, near where the hand attaches to the palm. Mounts are given importance according to colour and markings, which include lines and dots.

predict future important events

The life line in the palm of a person can tell us about the challenges he is going to face in near future. The heart line in the palm tell us about their love life and the emotional strength of a person or about their perspective on romantic or emotional matters.

Choosing the Right Path

Palmistry helps in predicting the kind of diseases or conditions a person is most likely to get in their lifetime, hence making them cautious of certain things or situations ahead of time.

Relationship Building

Relationship could be a business dealing or a marital relationship, in both cases, they end up facing the consequences of each other's life choices. Hence, by taking help of palmistry the two people who are about to enter one such relationship, can understand whether they are compatible with each other.

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